FlexPBX VLAN Configuration

FlexPBX VLAN Configuration

The FlexPBX standard handset supports the separation of Voice and Data using virtual lans or VLANS.  The advantage of separating the voice and data is the traffic priority can be assigned to the voice traffic ensuring good audio quality.

To configure a VLAN for the Voice traffic on all FlexPBX handsets within a tenancy we need to edit the template assigned to the handset make/model. 

Note:  If you have multiple models, E.g. T42s and T54w you will need to edit the template for both models.

  1. Login to the Provisioner - https://p.sipvoice.com.au/
  2. Select the relevant account from the list if required
  3. Under the action menu select List Global Template
  4. Locate the relevant template in the list and select  Edit Advanced
  5. To enable the VLAN update the field - network.vlan.internet_port_enable
    1. To Enable - Change field to 1
    2. To disable - Change field to 0
  6. To set the VLAN number update the field - network.vlan.internet_port_vid
    1. Enter the VLAN Number the default is 2
  7. Select the Save button
Restart your phones to pick up the new settings.

Reminder: The provisioning server is only accessible by authorised addresses, if you can't browse to the url https://p.sipvoice.com.au/ from a PC the phone won't update.

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