What are the Number Porting Charges ?

What are the Number Porting Charges ?

Number portability lets you keep your number when changing from one phone company to another. Taking your telephone number to another phone company is known as ‘porting’.

The Number Porting process

To port your numbers to Summit Internet:

  • Contact Summit Internet to request a new phone service which will include porting your numbers to Summit Internet.
  • When the phone service has been delivered you need to test it works in your office.
  • Summit will provide you with a temporary phone number to help you test the service.
  • You can now start using your new phone system by forwarding calls from your current phone company to the Summit temporary number we have provided.
  •  Summit will then contact your current phone company to arrange the porting.
  • Once the current phone company approves the porting, Summit will receive a porting appointment for your phone numbers.
  • When the porting completes the numbers will be on the Summit network. You can now cancel the service with the current phone company.
  • Do not disconnect your service with your current phone company until the porting completed.

What type of Number Porting will apply?
This depends on the type of phone service you have with your current phone system.
Below we outline the different types of porting that are available:

CAT A porting

Category A Ports Include

  • Single PSTN line without Complex Features
  • SIP Services as deemed CAT A by the losing carrier

Lines which have the following complex features will be deemed at CAT C and charged as CAT C.

  • Faxstream Duet
  • Line Hunt
  • Exchange Based Diversions
  • Any other complex features as deemed complex by the losing carrier.

CAT C porting

Category C Ports Include

  • PSTN with Complex Features
  • ISDN BRI Services (ISDN 2)
  • ISDN Primary Services (ISDN 10 / ISDN 20 / ISDN 30)
  • Indial Ranges (100 DID)
  • Services with GDN & Auxiliary Numbers
  • SIP Services which are not deemed CAT A by the losing carrier.

Your number porting charges will be applied to your invoices once the porting has been completed.
CAT A porting per number - $44.00
CAT C porting per block of numbers - $330.00

If you have any questions please contact our Sales Team - 1300 049 749
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